Bultaco hits the throttle in the center of Madrid

A new kind electricity is coursing through downtown Madrid!

The new Madrid Auditorio Bultaco Space is now open, a new hub complementing the location at Mudville Las Rozas.

The Thumb-up brand continues to reach out to its Bultaquistas all over the world, and this new facility goes to show that good things come to those who wait. Now the fun is closer then ever, and there are no excuses not to stop by and, of course, test ride a Brinco. Now is the time!

We commence this adventure in collaboration with the prestigious distributor Namura Bikes, whose shop is near the National Auditorium, on the Calle Cartagena 174. Its manager, Ignacio Bastarreche noted that Bultaco brings back “wonderful childhood memories,” and that its principles of passion, innovation and high-level competition are fully in line with his philosophy.

He added that “when I tried the new Moto-Bike concept I was amazed. It was a unique experience  that I want our customers to enjoy too“.  No doubt … that’s the spirit!

Our CEO, Juan Manuel Vinós, meanwhile, stressed that this new opening will serve both to expose Madrid residents to the new Brinco line and to provide better after-sales service. In his view the city is the Brinco’s natural habitat, offering extraordinary features tailored to it.

In other words, come and try out the Brinco, and we promise you that you’ll never want to get off it!

We continue to grow together, because we want to be wherever you are.

Keep an eye on us, because we’ll soon have new Spaces near you.


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