Dear Dad,

I am writing to wish you well on this special day.

I know that you are really excited about it and this is why I am writing this letter.

First of all, I must say that for me, it’s just another day. I don’t get up in the morning like it’s Christmas Day. Why would we want to lie about this?

Because, Dad, Father’s Day is every day.

Because I carry the motorbike rider gene deep inside. That is thanks to you. And we know that it’s not a passing thing.

We both know that motorcycling is a sport you make sacrifices for, and that sometimes it’s dangerous. But even so, you knew how to pass on the values ​​of competition, sportsmanship and passion for the world of two wheelers. And the responsibility that this entails.

Most people remember their first goes on a bicycle. I remember the first accelerations on the motorbike. The first falls. The rides through the hills. In short, the passion for motorcycling.

I still have the Bultaco Lobito that you used and that you later gave to me. You were born with Bultaco and, thanks to this legacy I also grew up with it.

Although many years have passed without it, I now have the same feeling that you once felt: the ability to understand motorbikes in a different way.

In your days, they were two-stroke engines. You probably don’t understand the technology that the new Bultaco models now include, which is the same as what happened with the new engines. But the masters are ahead of their time, as they were then and as they still are now following their return.

So, as always, when I took the motorbike out of the garage, I am eternally grateful that you instilled the value of two wheels in me, and that we continue to ride together on roads, in the countryside or anywhere where the passion for this sport takes us.

Because the motorbiker father’s day, Dad, is every day.


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