#Brincomania: Bultaquista, share your talent!

The winter continues, the days grow longer, and you Bultaquistas out there are growing ever more eager to enjoy your Moto Bikes, itching to explore new routes and enjoy the unique snapshots that only you, who have experienced the Brinco, can really appreciate.

If there is a time of day that reflects this feeling it that special moment when the sun rises or sinks on the horizon and the feeling it instils. Many of you have captured that precise moment from the seats of your Brincos…  and shared it! Keep it up, because being able to see you enjoying it like that is, for us, simply wonderful.

A magical and different light that, combined with spectacular surroundings and a stunning machine, the Brinco, produce photos that do not require any type of filter to be totally Rock.  Your images are worth more than a thousand words! Enjoy the compilation we have prepared for you, Bultaquista, and don’t hesitate to share with all the adventures you enjoy on your Brinco.


The Brinco at sundown… no better company! (Bultaco La Garriga)

@JavierArus (TW)

Here… playing hide-and-seek with the Motobike ☺ (Javier Arús)

Santi y Belen... ¡Gracias por compartirlo! (@santipuigmolto)

Striving to look like a real Bultaquista! (Santi Puig) (Santi Puig)

Santi Puig

This Brinco wanted a very casual shot, gazing at the horizon… (Santi Puig)

Carlos M Wallace

Make way for the Brinco! (Carlos M. Wallace)

These are just some of the photos that we have of your best times with your Brincos.

But we want more. Bring out your artistic side and share your photos with the hashtag #Brincomanía.

Show us all the talent you’ve got, Bultaquista!


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