Brinco: The Perfect storm

Byron Beach (Australia) is a haven for surfing and snorkeling enthusiasts, and those who love whale watching. A quaint corner located half way around the world, and normally a tranquil one, until one morning…

The Brinco showed up! And it was not alone… riding it was Chris Hemsworth, , the famous actor , flashing a great smile atop our Moto-Bike on the beaches of this painteresque place.

It is no coincidence that the actor who played Thor had a blast on the Brinco. Thor was the god of thunder and storms in the Nordic mythology, and his appearances were regularly accompanied by lightning.  It was destiny!

Brinco, pure passion on two wheels, and with an electrical heart, is the perfect 21st-century embodiment of the mythical deity.

A dazzling spark of fun that wows everyone who tries it.

A lightning bolt of emotions , with a model that is just right for you, whether you’ll be riding it in on city streets or country roads. Or a bit of both.

Thunderous sensations that give you goose bumps, making an indelible impression on its brave riders, our bultaquistas.

In summary, the perfect storm.

Try the Brinco today!

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Un vídeo publicado por Chris Hemsworth (@chrishemsworth) el


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