The Brinco Family: so similar and yet so different!

The Brinco R, Brinco RE, Brinco C, Brinco S… each one of our Moto Bikes has a unique and different personality, with features that make them distinctive. We want you to get the most out of your Brinco, so today we’re going to offer a rundown of what they have in common and how they differ. Are you up for it?

Let’s start with what they have in common!

A brushless, alternating current motor that, with 2 kW of maximum power and a top speed of 60 km/h, has all the muscle you need to get you anywhere.

Power that can be dosed out in accord with its three riding modes: Sport, Tour and Eco. These are modes that also affect the Brinco’s battery life: depending on the riding style selected, and the terrain ridden, the Brinco’s range varies from 50 km, in Sport Mode, up to 100 km, in Eco mode.

The electric motor’s power is supplied by a potent, highly durable 1.3-kWh Lithium-Ion battery that weighs only 8 kilos and that can be completely recharged in just 3 hours using a household outlet.

But each Brinco also has its own personality distinguishing it from the others. Their differences also represent adaptations to your needs so that in each situation you get the very most out of your Moto Bike.

For example, the Brinco S features touring-typerims with tires designed for roads, while the other Brincos are equipped with off-road tires apt for various types of terrain, in addition to asphalt. The same applies to the saddle, all about comfort on the Brinco S, and sportier on the other models.

There are also differences in their handlebars: the Brinco C and S come with 770-mm handlebars, wider than the sportier type on the R and RE (760 mm.). Maximum features for every type of terrain!

As for their suspensions, each Brinco has a front fork, or rear suspension, depending on the vehicle’s primary use. Thus, the Brinco R and RE feature an adjustable 180-mm front fork and a 217-mm rear adjustable monoshock, while the other members of the family, the Brinco S and C, have a 130-mm adjustable front fork and a 150-mm rear monoshock.

So, there you have some details, but the Brinco is even more than this. Much more. If you want to know absolutely everything about our Moto-Bike, download the complete catalogue.

Ultimately, what each and every Brinco has in common is that, with them, fun is guaranteed. As we’ve said, to understand it you must experience it, so don’t put it off another day: stop by one of our dealers for a test ride. And then let us know …

Which Brinco is the one for you?


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