Brinco S: The Urbanite

The Brinco S is the Moto-Bike for the most city-bound riders. Perfectly tailored to urban settings, with it getting around will become a fun-filled adventure. Don’t let the daily grind get you down!

Equipped with road tires, it is the line’s most comfortable version, thanks to its lowered seat height, touring handlebars, and cozy seat, specially designed for urban conditions.

You’ll be dying to take the Brinco S to work, or class, or just to out for a spin to burn off some daily stress. You’ll be itching to ride it everywhere!

Experience all its capabilities, combining the throttle of its electric motor and the sportiest sensations offered by its independent pedaling system. Adapt to every situation by taking advantage of its 3 riding modes (Sport, Tour and Eco).

The Brinco S is the Moto-Bike that’s not afraid of the city.

Are you up for its challenge?


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