At Bultaco, we believe that innovation is not only reaching new technological goals but also providing new experiences.

At Bultaco, we’re not satisfied with re-doing things that have already been done: we want to come back with new concepts.

At Bultaco, we want to bring the Bultaco spirit into a new era, giving it a new language, while always staying true to our values: passion, innovation, competition.

This is what Don Paco and his unwavering legions would have done ever since the brand was founded in 1958 and up to the present day. That future has now arrived. And it belongs to all of us bultacoists. Writing the next lines in the history of motorcycling is in our hands.

Innovation is not easy… It takes ideas and great courage. But this is our commitment and we strive enthusiastically to achieve it.

It is in this spirit and with this curiosity that Brinco has been conceived.

With the Bultaco Brinco, the Moto-Bike has been born: a new and groundbreaking concept, a surprising combination that brings together the adrenaline that gives it 100% electric thrust – controlled directly by the handgrip – and the physical experience of independent pedalling.

Brinco is undiluted fun for all ages to enjoy in any environment. Enjoy its zero emissions when riding around town and its forcefulness in the country. Or vice versa. No one will tell you what you have to do. You are the hero of your own story.

Brinco is 100% Bultaco enthusiasm.

All those who want to be the first to become part of the new history of Bultaco can now place an order on the website:

Bultaco is Back. Dream Again!

Juan Manuel Vinós, CEO and Co-Founder of Bultaco Motors.


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