Brinco R-E: The Off-roader

The Brinco R-E has earned its moniker as “the off-roader.” Dirt trails, public roads … it dares to go anywhere!

It is the sportiest of the line, and, like its sister, the Brinco R, is available in red and blue. With it you’ll enjoy every bump and turn, and all the ups and downs, on all kinds of terrain, as its wheels are fully adapted for off-road riding.

Do you like to hit the hills, and hard? A route through mountain villages? Or maybe you’d rather just head out and explore new places, without worrying about the terrain? Well, then, this is perfect Moto-Bike for you!

Shift between its 3 riding modes (Sport, Tour and Eco) to get the most out of every situation. Experience its powerful electric throttle in tandem with its independent pedaling system. It’s got it all!

The Brinco R-E is raring to get out there. And it’s waiting for you.

Do you dare?


One Response to “Brinco R-E: The Off-roader”

  1. Juan says:

    Si a este inventazo le pusierais en lugar de la tradicional cadena de bici, un sistema de poleas (estilo STRINGBIKE)
    ya tenemos un hibrido con autonomia pura, a ver si lo aplicais (y no lo dejeis muy caro para pobres como yo) :)


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