Try it, and feel the sensation!!

The Brinco experience awaits you. Still haven´t tried it? Well, now’s the time!

Because to feel the sensation, you’ve got to try it. It’s the only way. Only those who seek out new experiences will be thrilled

With the Brinco you will experience a whole new way of enjoying two-wheel transport: the Moto-Bike, a unique concept for matchless emotions.

You will discover a new kind of fun that you never thought was possible, and it will stay  with you forever once you’ve experienced it.

Enjoy it and be amazed by its innovative combination of an electric motor and independent pedalling … in short, its unique personality.

Hit the throttle and feel that tingling sensation bubble up from your stomach, transforming into a feeling of absolute adrenaline. It’s the ultimate in fun, but you’ll only really understand it if you get on a Brinco.

It’s thrilling. It’s exciting. It’s a concept made for you.  Get on a Brinco, and you won’t ever want to get off.

In order to prove that it’s everything we say it is, just ask for a test ride, and feel all its power in your hands. Meet our family of Moto-Bikes, unique in the world. There’s one for every personality. Which one’s right for you?

The Brinco is waiting for you! ¡¡Try it, and feel the sensation!!



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