It seems like it was yesterday when the dream of Bultaco, a  brand reborn just one year ago, became a reality. After a lot of work, innovation and passion demonstrated by a team giving its all every day, the first Bultaco of the new era is here.

The “Bultaco Is Back Limited Edition” Brinco draws its name from its past and present. In honor of all those who assisted us during this journey, the Brinco was made available for purchase on our website.

In just 7 months our reserved Brincos sold out. All of this thanks to you. Thanks to the warm welcome that you have given it, thanks to your total faith in Bultaco, its values and ability to dazzle you once again.

The words of Gregorio Marañón, which Don Paco made his philosophy of life, inspire us once again: everything has not already been invented.

“To live is not just to be. But to be and to create. To know how to enjoy and how to suffer,and not to sleep without dreaming. To rest…is to begin to die.”

We’re just getting started, and we’ll soon be telling you about the start of the Brinco’s standard production so that you can continue to enjoy this special time with us. 

It is only thanks to you that the new Bultaco Brinco is a reality.

And our attitude towards life, which today we dedicate to you, resounds like never before: #Rockyourday


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