The Brinco is a smash hit … take it from a bultaquista!

Images, videos and now words. Feedback in which you share with us how our Moto-Bike has made you feel. Because that’s what you’re talking about in your comments. Sensations. These are what the Brinco generates. But don´t take our word for it. Just listen to our bultaquistas!

Your feelings are our own, and this is why we want to share them with everyone. But this is only a small selection of opinions from bultaquistas from all over the world. We have many more, and they don’t fit in just one post.

Your words about your experiences are the best gift you could ever give us, so we thank you for all your trust, especially those of you who share in public. Here they are!

“Very fun, the pleasure of dynamic equilibrium” – Pepe Bussot

“The best thing is that this is not the future, but the present” – Alvaro Valderrama

“Hi Team Bultaco,I am a new, really happy owner (only 250 km) of a Brinco R. I think it strikes the perfect balance Between MTB and Enduro.An Enduro would kill me and for MTB I am just not fit enough to go extreme. Your bike means extreme fun, and it feels like a dream come true. Flying silently through the woods. The price is also reasonable if you compare it to the stealth bike or some 250W e-bikes. All the parts look heavy duty.
This may sound like the most exaggerated advertisement but… I just had to say this.

Keep up the good work!” – Chris Speck

“Hi there, I recently purchased a Brinco and I must say I love it. It’s great fun. The only problem is that I find myself riding this more than my enduro bike now! Haha “- Tim Williams

“J’ai eu la chance d’essayer un Brinco le We dernier, c’est tout simplement genial!” – Xavier Brichet

“Wer gerne im Gelände – auch auf den Bergen, Almen oder im Hügelland – unterwegs ist, wird die Brinco lieben. FUN PUR.”  – Klaus Klainer

You are writing in and mentioning its balance, innovation, fun … you describe the Brinco as great, and underscore that it can be enjoyed anywhere.  We already knew this, but …watch out: the Brinco is addictive!

These are just some of your opinions, but we are still missing yours. We provide the Brinco, you the sensations.

 What about you? What do you think of the Brinco?


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