The Brinco in action! Only for the most daring!

If you’re one of the few people who still hasn´t checked out the Brinco, you had better stop reading and, above all, don’t watch the video, because, if you do, you’re going to be crazy about it.

Will you take that chance? Okay, but don’t say I didn´t warn you …

You’re going to see our Moto-Bike in action, and just what the Brinco can do. There’s no escape.

Jumps, skids, climbs and descents. The dust its wheels kick up when it takes a curve, your silhouette traced against the sun as you reach the top. The sound of the wind flying by you. A unique experience for the senses!

Accelerate down paths you’ve never ridden before, or take it off the road and into the wild. Breathe in freedom at every turn of the road. Feel all its power, under your control, and enjoy the feeling of innovation on two wheels. On flats and on hills. Pedaling, or hitting the throttle. Alone, or with friends. Enjoy the Brinco!

This is the Brinco. We can tell you about it, and you can watch the video.

But you can do something even better.

Come and try it out for yourself!

Yes, I want to try the Brinco!


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