A few weeks back we were talking about the legendary Bultaco Tralla 101, but today we’re here to pay tribute to one of the brand’s classics, the Bultaco Sherpa T.

It’s been 50 years since the début of one of Bultaco’s most revolutionary bikes, famous for breaking all the trial records.

More than 2,000 bikes rolled off the line, the first of which saw the light of day around 1965.

Let’s start at the beginning.

Four British four-stroke motorcycles had ruled the market up until then. These bikes led the trial competitions and every rider dreamed of riding one.

That’s when Paco Bultó came along with a truly groundbreaking idea, the two-stroke engine.

When he started doing things differently, the whole industry was sceptical of his methods. But Bultaco won the motorcycling world over when, while still in the development phase, it began to experiment, making a series of changes to the Sherpa T.

For this, Bultaco hired Sammy Miller ‒ now a living legend in the world of motorcycling ‒ and devoted its efforts into experimenting with multiple design changes before making the leap to competition.

When everything was in place, they put the Sherpa T on the starting line. From that moment on it won time and time again, the Scottish 6 Days, the 1975 Trial World Championship, and many others victories. It’s no wonder for many it was the most perfect trial machine ever built.

Today at Bultaco, we’d like to offer our deepest respect to the legendary Sherpa T, to all who enjoyed it, and to everyone who grew up with our golden child.

Because today we’re as committed as ever to doing things like we’ve always done them, with loads of passion, and, above all, innovation.

Happy 50th!!

+ In the picture Manuel Soler is riding a Sherpa T


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