Ángel Nieto and Bultaco, a long-expected reencounter

Back in 1976 and 1977 Ángel Nieto and Bultaco were already a winning team. Back then the Madrilenian managed to win the World Speed Championships ​​in the 50-cc category atop a Bultaco.

Ángel Nieto will now once again enjoy the Thumb-up brand. From now on we will be able to see him around the paddocks of the different MotoGP World Championship circuits, riding the Brinco, the Moto-Bike with an electric heart and an independent pedalling system that has revolutionised the world of two-wheel transport. A real event!

Ángel Nieto is certain that the Brinco will be a smash hit in this new setting. In his own words, “I’m sure that whoever finds me in the paddock, both rising stars and those of my generation, will want to steal my Brinco from me. With this toy, in addition to getting a lot of exercise, I am determined to make everyone green with envy.”

A genuine champion for Brinco, who will undoubtedly will be a star and steal the spotlight at various circuits around the world.  After this good news, we cannot think of a better way to sign off than to remember the words of the 12-time world champion expressing his opinion on the Brinco:

“Try one to see how fun it is. You’ll be hooked!”



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