Martin Lampkin: Farewell to a Legend

This past weekend we lost the great Martin Lampkin. An unforgettable racer for all our bultaquistas, whose feats on a Sherpa T made history in the Trial world.

Don Paco Bultó realized very soon that this young Brit from Yorkshire had the makings of a champion. After seeing him in several races he quickly and astutely signed Martin, adding him to the list of top racers racking up wins on bikes bearing the thumb-up logo. And the results he posted proved Don Paco right.

Atop his inseparable Sherpa, Martin became an absolutely unbeatable rider.  In 1973 he took the European champion on a Sherpa, and in 1975 emerged victorious at the first World Trial Championship.

He also dominated the famous Six Days of Scotland, between 1976 and 1978, and was his country’s Trial champion in 1973, 1978 and 1980. With Trial in his blood, his son Doug followed in his father’s treadmarks, dominating the sport in the 90s.

It’s time to say goodbye to a Bultaco legend. A passionate and competitive racer with tremendous talent. And a good friend of Don Paco and his family. He was charming, loyal, and faithful to our values ​​to the very end.

In short, one of our very own.


3 Responses to “Martin Lampkin: Farewell to a Legend”

  1. Iker Urresti Menendez says:

    Atoda su familia,mi gran sentido pesame,
    Un abrazo de un trialero

  2. Julián says:

    Tuve el gusto de charlar con Martin Lampkin en Pamplona en un trial indoor que se organizó en 1993 o 1994, había venido acompañando a su hijo Doug. Lo siento por los Raga y compañía que estaban disputando la prueba pero yo estaba disfrutando mucho más hablando con Martin del trial en los años 70, Vesterinen, la finura de Rathmell, la revolución Schreiber. Han pasado muchos años pero el recuerdo permanece.

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