Although the legendary brand Bultaco founded by Don Paco Bultó closed its doors in 1983, we can say quite proudly it didn’t mean the end of Bultaco, far from it. Over all the years we were absent from the market, there were numerous initiatives by individuals and even entire communities that devoted a lot thought of effort to keeping something that was part of them alive, motorbiking, specifically Bultaquismo.

When we made our comeback in 2014, 56 years had passed.

Over those many long years, we found a lot of biker communities, people who still dreamt of Bultaco’s greatest classics, reissues of our most famous bikes, personal stories about scores of people who would be lost without a Sherpa, a Matador, a Metralla or a Frontera.

We also came across many an authentic globetrotter, people from all parts of world whose chosen means of transport was always one of our bikes, people who spoke with passion of their experiences, reliving the most nostalgic moments of their lives, people who wrote again and again about what was going through their minds when they looked at photos of people like Don Paco Bultó or recording-breaking riders like Angel Nieto, Aspar, Sammy Miller and Barry Sheeneo, or the sensuality of Demi Moore wearing the legendary Bultaco jacket.

For all of you who chose of your own free, will with no expectation of reward, to keep the Bultaco brand alive while we were away, we’d just like to say one thing to all of you: you’ve made us very happy.

That’s why all of us here at at Bultaco want you to know we made this place, this blog, especially for you.

Now that we’re back, we’d like to keep you all close to home.

Bring your comments, your ideas, your contributions and help us to discover new terrain.

And, most of all, let’s all get to know each other.

Because every Bultaquistas knows that Bultaco is much more than just a motorcycle brand.

Come to our official accounts, where the legend lives on.

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Welcome to Bultaco’s digital garage. It’s all yours.

Dream again.


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