2017… Rock on!

“A new year, a new life,” some say. New challenges, new goals, and adventures to enjoy… we have 365 exciting days ahead of us!

And with a rock attitude inside, you’re sure to make the very best of all of them. We want you to have fun, to laugh, to enjoy everything you feel like, when you feel like it. Whether alone or accompanied, you decide, but always with your Brinco, the matchless Moto-Bike delivering unique emotions and experiences.

Last year the Brinco family grew, allowing you to have a blast on any kind of terrain, and since then our community has only picked up steam. The Thumb-up brand is on a roll all over the world, and we want you to experience this feeling and form part of this big family.

If you have not yet tried it, you already have your first resolution for 2017. This is where it all starts. The Brinco will never cease to dazzle you, and you’ll end up like the rest of our Bultaquistas: you won’t want to get off! At any one of our dealers you can ask for a test ride… you’ve got to experience it for yourself!

So, now you know. Hit the throttle, lean on those pedals, and get ready for the year ahead with the battery in your Brinco fully charged.

2017 is already here. Let the Brinco rock on!


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