2016 … Let’s get started!

Christmas is over, and we’re back at it, raring to take on this 2016 with our batteries recharged. As you well know, we like to live every moment to the fullest, enjoying both the small and big things in life. So, we suggest you jump on a Brinco with us during what is bound to be a great year for Bultaco and all our bultaquistas.

It’s time to set new goals and to excitedly tackle a new era, one bursting with potential.  It’s a leap year, which gives us 24 hours more to live. We want to make every second worthwhile, so we’re going to give it our all!

The Brinco R is here, and just waiting to thrill you like you never even imagined was possible. Hit the throttle and feel the power of its electric motor. Pedal and discover how our Motorcycle/Bike can provide you with new sensations never felt before. This will be our year!

2016 tastes like passion, sounds like innovation, and smells like competition. And we love it.



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