2015: The Year of the Brinco

We told you back when 2015 started that it was going to be our year. Time has flown, and now we’re about to lower the checkered flag on the year and ring in 2016.

The Brinco was unveiled and enthusiastically received

2015 was the year of the Brinco The first electric motorcycle/bicycle on the market was the star of the show, vaulting Bultaco forward in this new stage. In June, 6 months after pre-sale became available online, the exclusive set of 175 units of the Brinco Bultaco Is Back Limited Edition sold out!

Bultaco, closer to you

The expansion continued and the Brinco was soon spotted at a range of events: the Madrid Games Week, the Festival Bike in Portugal, the Dirt Bike Show in the UK, and the Lyon Supercross in France. The world knows we’re back, and we’re unstoppable!

At the same time Bultaco began to bolster its presence throughout Spain. Our dealers in Madrid, Barcelona and Santa Cruz de Tenerife are already offering the Bultaco range of products (locate your dealer here). And there will soon be more locations: Spain, England, Portugal, France… stay tuned!

The Bultaco philosophy: by land, sea and air

Passion, innovation and competition are the values ​​that inspire us, as Don Paco taught us. So the two-wheel world was not enough for us. We wanted to conquer the sea and air too … and we did! The Bultaco Sailing Team participated in several regattas, like the Palma Vela and the Barcelona World ORC, posting very good results. A unique experience.

Once we conquered the sea, it was time to take to the sky. At the Air Marugán aerodrome we organized the 1st Bultaco Air Show, an event that seared some spectacular images into our minds.

You are Bultaco. Thanks for joining us

Despite all that 2015 has given us, our success and our biggest victory of all is you. All you Bultaquistas who support us, and without whom our project would be meaningless. But we’re just getting started… In 2016 we’ll be hitting the gas! We know what must be done, we have the experience, and we have your support. This year the only thing we have left to say is …

Rock your 2016! #Rockyourday


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