The counter on the Brinco Limited Edition moves fast!

Many people did not wait even a minute to stamp their name on the history of Bultaco. The counter advances and there is no turning back. After 5 days online, Brinco already has 59 orders.

So, of the 175 Brincos Limited Edition there are only 116 chances left to get into motorcycling history. You still have time, but if you get distracted looking in the rear-view mirror you’ll be left without it.

Many will have pondered the reason behind this figure. 175 unitsis not a random number; instead it is the achievement of effort, passion and innovation over 56 years of history as reflected in the new limited series.

With the number 175 we pay tribute, once again, to a historic date for this brand:

On 17 May, Bultaco celebrates the anniversary of its founding, as well as the birth of its founder Don Paco Bultó. It is precisely for that reason that we chose this date to celebrate the re-launch of the brand, and now the figures that form this particularly significant date equal the number of motorbikes with which we come back to dream once again.

Brinco is pure fun. Brinco is: innovation, passion, enthusiasm and competition. Brinco is 100% Bultaco enthusiasm.

If you’re one of those who has already reserved their Brinco LimitedEdition: thanks for joining us in this dream!

And if you still haven’t ordered one: remember! To ensure your place in history, don’t wait until the 175 Brincos are snapped up so make your reservation now: www.bultacobrinco.com.

Bultaco is back! Dream again!


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